Sundown NSV4 18

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  • D1 - Dual 1Ohm
  • D2 - Dual 2Ohm
estimated delivery time 25-60 days

The Nightshade v.4 is the premium 3 inch coil "ultra-high excursion" subwoofer in our lineup. The 10, 12, 15, and 18” models feature our custom tooled and patented cast-aluminum frames (US Patent Numbers D691596, D691597, D691598, and D741841).

We mate these new platform frames to an all new, patent-pending (Application US20170339501A1 and US Patent Number D791740S1), neodymium based motor structure featuring a hyper-extended pole and extreme clearances (allowing up to 4" p-p travel before mechanical bottom). The Nightshade v.4 features an enormous 45mm (1.77”) magnetic gap to ensure the coil is always under control. This motor drives a 3" diameter 4-Layer Flat Wire Aluminum Coil with an extremely long winding (3.15” long) wound on a thick aluminum former to incredible levels of excursion. We use 100% American made voice coils, each motor is hand assembled here in North Carolina by our team, and the final assembly of the parts into a complete product is also done here, in-house, with high strength US made adhesives.

The Nightshade v.4 features the longest coil of any 3” coil speaker we have made to date. Due to the extremely powerful motor of the Nightshade v.4 we could take advantage of an extremely long 4-layer coil – the 4-layer coil keeps the mass and inductance down while allowing us to use such a long coil for incredible linear x-max while the powerful motor allows us to achieve the level of BL we desired. The Nightshade v.4 has a full 25% more motor force than the v.3 model while shaving off over 30 pounds of weight!

With the introduction of the new light-weight motors we also incorporated several new cooling / thermal management features to push the power handling up to an enormous 3000-watts RMS


Data sheet

NSV4 18 D1
Subwoofer Size
DC Resistance (Re)
1.30 Ohm
Resonance Frequency (Fs)
30.89 Hz
Power Handling (RMS)
3000 Watt
Mechanical (Qms)
electrical Q (Qes)
Total Q (Qts)
equivalent volume (Vas)
voice coil diameter
3" (76.2mm)
Xmax (one way)
Total Efficiency

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