Fi SSD v3 - 15"

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Fi Subwoofer

  • D1 - Dual 1Ohm
  • D2 - Dual 2Ohm
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The new SSD Series of subwoofers is our all around daily sub. Utilizing our new water jet we are cutting the top plates and back plates in house as well as final machining.  This new design uses a 3 stack of high grade ceramic ferrite magnets for more force and increased reward clearance over the previous model.  Now with the option for our Heli-cool system using our billet machined solid pole, the cooling capability has been massively increased. Along with triple progressive spiders, a multilayer foam surround attached to a fiber impregnated kraft pulp cone helps keep things under control in high power applications. The standard 3″ 4 layer copper voice coil has increased to 22mm of Xmax along with the option for an 8 layer flatwind aluminum coil.  With this new geometry we will also offer a high Xmax coil that has over 30mm of Xmax.  Light weight and versatile, the SSD works in a variety of applications from incredibly detailed sound quality systems, to ground pounding multi sub monsters. The SSD is versatility redefined.

FI SSD V3 15

Data sheet

Subwoofer Size
Dual 1 Ohm | Dual 2 Ohm
DC Resistance (Re)
0,75 | 1,5
Resonance Frequency (Fs)
38,3 Hz
Power Handling
Mechanical (Qms)
electrical Q (Qes)
Total Q (Qts)
equivalent volume (Vas)
Moving mass (Mms)
mounting depth
20,32cm (Mounting Depth 8.000”)
mounting diameter
35,88cm (Cutout Diameter 14.125”)
outer diameter
39,7cm (Overall Diameter 15.625”)
4,81L (DriverDisplacement 0.17cuft)
Xmax (one way)
24mm (One Way)

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