B² Audio REF12

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Reference - Aiming Higher

  • D4 - Dual 4Ohm
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Our Reference series have always been about that little extra, the added experience that is hard to pinpoint, but that makes the sound more sophisticated and refined.
The unique Ref 6.1w dustcap was chosen due to its improved off-axis response. Both the cone and the dustcap are of full composite material which ensures greater transient response and optimizes the sensitivity even further.

From being a 2 way speaker system, the Reference has now grown into a 3 way system offering even better tonal accuracy. We only kept the 6.5″ woofer from the Ref 6.1, the remaining components were engineered for the specific 3 way system. The 3″ fullrange speaker chosen for reproduction of the midrange offers versatilty in audio reproduction using only the finest components. Due to its wide frequency response being a fullrange, we wanted to offer a smaller and wider frequency midrange speaker, but without the hassle of costly installs.
The narrow mounting depth of 1.25″ / 32 mm makes previously impossible installs within reach.

The 1.25″ tweeter with a FS of 950 Hz and a frequency repsonse up to 25 KHz will not miss out on any details.
As with the midrange chosen in the REF63 set, they both use high performance neodymium. The carefully selected parts offers a more non colored audio reproduction and a higher accuracy, a true must for the audiophile. Combining the 3 speakers into one specific set had us achieve a speaker system beyond our customers belief.
The Danish reveered heritage of sound quality clearly shines on the REF63, a speaker set that offers both joy and pleasure.

If the 3 way system needs to be complemented, the High End low frequency tranducers REF10 and REF12 offers outstanding performance in both compact sealed and ported enclosures. With FS as low as 20 Hz you will never wonder if you can reproduce the accurate scene with all details included. Common for both drivers are a 3″ voice coil in a dual 4 ohm configuration. Such an ohm load will offer less stress which again increases the sound reproduction.


Data sheet

Subwoofer Size
Frequency Response
10Hz - 500Hz
DC Resistance (Re)
Resonance Frequency (Fs)
Power Handling (RMS)
600 Watt
Mechanical (Qms)
3,52 (parallel)
electrical Q (Qes)
Total Q (Qts)
equivalent volume (Vas)
114,3 L
18 mm
Moving mass (Mms)
198,4 g
Magnet Weight
156 Oz
5,16L (0,182cu.ft)
voice coil diameter
3" (76.2mm)

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